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1415 N. Beaver Street
Flagstaff, AZ  86001

People served by All Ways Health

Welcome to All Ways Health, a different kind of primary care medical practice serving Flagstaff, northern Arizona and beyond - your naturopathic alternative to conventional primary care.  Start living outside of the sick care system!  Dr. Rich does not employ any nurses, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants; you are All-Ways seen by Dr. Rich each and every time you need medical services.  Dr. Rich prides himself in providing simple, effective, and affordable general health care for children (pediatrics), teens (adolescents), singles, and families.  Above all, he listens to you, putting the heart back into medicine.

To help make your visit to his practice as positive and productive as possible, Dr. Rich offers:

  • Integrative health care; combining the best of standard medicine, naturopathy, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and other complementary and alternative medicines.
  • Not just out of the box thinking - beyond the box thinking.
  • Complimentary consultations for new patients and affordable lab tests for patients without health insurance.
  • Professional health care services for diabetics and special needs children.
  • An open and flexible attitude regarding vaccinations.
  • Simplified paperwork for visitors to Flagstaff.
  • Clean toys in the reception area.
  • Free parking.

Dr. Rich looks forward to becoming your favorite primary care physician.  He's here if you need the special services he offers, just need a sore throat checked out, or help with a chronic condition like recurrent headaches.  Call today to discuss your unique health care needs with Dr. Rich:  He's accepting new patients.

Naturopathic primary care physician in Flagstaff

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